Dissertation Proposal: The design of footnotes

In the dissertation, according to www.a-mentor.co.uk, the footnotes are optically isolated from the rest of the text to place down as possible on each page and should be numbered consecutively. They can be set smaller than the text in the font, this is not mandatory. Rule of thumb: from an ordinary term paper with 17 edit pages (as appropriate) definitely 50 (and more) Footnotes can be expected (as with the cited literature and case law demonstrates the seminar work that she has carefully addressed the problematic processing material) .

The footnotes should have an internal order, therefore it begin with the case law, the “higher” court of first grade in the literature either chronologically or alphabetically or by category Post (essays and monographs on before posting comments etc.). When there are several proofs, they are usually separated by a semicolon.

A point – name – reference (no title of the article or essay)

For dependent contributions to specify the first letter of the first name. It is sufficient comma, the start page and actual page reference. The specific reference may be made in parentheses or commas, it should be a standard, such as A. Smith , NJW 2002, 13, 24 or Doe , NJW 2002, 13 (24).In comments to the respective processors to name-as with the first letter of the first name – comma (can be omitted – but only as a unit).Instruction – comma (it can be omitted – but only as a unit) – point (or paragraph), or page.

Example: B. Pieroth, in: Jarass / idem, Basic Law, Article 1, para. 1

Textbooks and monographs are cited: first letter of first name – dot – name – comma – Short title of track (usually the first noun of the title) – comma – year – relevant page or paragraph.Court decisions should, where available, are cited as possible after the official collections.

The name of the court and the sources indicated with specific page number, e.g. BVerfGE 7, 377 (397)or BVerfGE 7, 377, 397 For journals applies: Federal Constitutional Court, NJW 2001, 1341 (1342) and Constitutional Court, NJW 2001, 1341, 1342nd Between the court and the courts must review a comma, but it can be set – is again observed only uniformity.