How to Proofread a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is an extremely difficult process. If you are finally through with your dissertation, be sure you have carefully proofread it. Even the smartest students always make silly mistakes which can spoil the quality of the whole paper. Before handing your dissertation in, do your best to proofread it yourself or with the help of your instructor or teacher. You will spend much time proofreading the dissertation with various means, like your PC, dictionaries and books. Dissertation proofreading is a time consuming process and many students can be deadlocked while doing it, so we will provide you with quality dissertation proofreading guidelines to help you cope with this problem.

Dissertation Proofreading Tips:

1. First of all try to have a few days rest to proofread the dissertation soberly. Remember that proofreading includes grammar, punctuation, spelling and style. The first three points (grammar, punctuation and spelling) can be checked with the help of your word processor. It will correct the most strict mistakes. But be ready to check your dissertation later yourself.

2. Now, check the style of your dissertation. Your paper must be written in the proper language. Your English should not contain dialects which will confuse the readers from the US and the UK. The paper must be divided into small paragraphs to look logical and organized.

3. Now check if you have properly formatted your dissertation, if you have made a good front page, if you have numbered the pages and cited the sources. Proofreading includes checking of diagrams, illustrations, tables. Make sure that the content of your dissertation is really informative and meets the requirements. Check if you have contents page, literary review, bibliography, appendix, introduction, methodology. Most universities have their own dissertation requirements and try to meet them all in the correct order.

4. Now read your dissertation to your friends, parents aloud. It will help you understand if your paper has sense and sounds good. You will realize that something must be added or excluded. If you want to proofread your dissertation effectively, print out a copy of your dissertation and reread it. While reading the printed variant some new mistakes may be revealed. Besides, you will see how the final variant of your dissertation will look.

5. After you have finished proofreading your dissertation, print it out for your professor. Be ready that the professor will return the dissertation for you to make some changes there. Try to make your paper meet all the requirements of your professor. If you manage to do it on time, you will be lucky to have a good rest at last.