PhD dissertation writing secrets

Dissertation writing is an important step in a student’s life. Students who aim to get a PhD degree must get their thesis approved by the dissertation committee at their university. However the students find it very difficult and complicated because they are doing it for the first time.

Here are a few secrets that will help you in writing an effective dissertation or your PhD.

Make a thesis statement

The thesis statement is where you summarize your whole dissertation in one line. This is mostly a cause and effect statement. Write down this statement in your study area at a prominent place where you can look at it often. This will help you in increasing concentration on the topic. The more you read this statement the more aspects will come to your mind.

Don’t give up

When you start writing a dissertation it will so happen that often you will feel there is nothing more about the topic you can write and this is everything you could think of. Don’t get this feeling overcome you. The human brain is the only place which is never out of ideas. Take a small break and then continue writing. Use a method that helps you be creative and freshen up.

Write on a regular basis

Do not discontinue writing even if you have a very tight schedule or have some other assignments to be submitted. You can sometimes cut down the time for dissertation writing if you are too preoccupied but never miss it completely. This will help keep the continuity in your work. You may even ask a friend or a colleague for reading your work. A third opinion is always helpful as it is neutral.

Do not get panicked

Thesis writing is a time-taking process and no one has ever been able to do it in a day or two. Every dissertation needs dedication and time. Do not be troubled by the thoughts of not making it on time. Don’t worry if the basics have taken a lot of your time. Keep calm and keep on writing. A well-established base will help you move easily in the future process.
Imagine yourself facing your audience

It is always a good practice to keep repeating your thesis and motivation in your mind. Keep building arguments in your mind and cross question about various aspects of the thesis. The more you defend yourself in your imagination the more ideas you will get. Sooner you will be able to write without any disruptions.